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6 DKH DRR Monitoring & Baseline Guidelines

jeudi 2 août 2018, par webmaster

Alignment of DRR Project Monitoring with Frameworks
DKH uses the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) and ‘Characteristics of a Disaster Resilient Community’ as the basis for development of its regional and country DRR Strategies and DRR programming (where applicable). DKH also propose that these ‘Characteristics of a Disaster Resilient Community’ are used as the starting point for development of DRR project monitoring systems indicators and the establishment of DRR project baselines. If a ‘DKH Regional or National DRR Strategy’ is available this should also provide some examples of potential DRR project indicators.
DRR Project Monitoring System Key Considerations
DRR Control Measures : Project risks should be identified through a process of logical framework review at the project design stage. For DRR projects however, or any project implemented in an area exposed to hazards, details of additional risks identified through the risk assessment analysis should be considered and appropriate control measures put in place in order to mitigate potential hazard impacts.