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5 DKH DRR Proposal Appraisal Checklist

jeudi 2 août 2018, par webmaster

This proposal appraisal checklist targets DRR criteria only, other standard proposal review criteria should also be applied. DKH offices can use the appraisal form to assess the suitability of proposed DRR proposals. They can also be used by local partners to guide them in ensuring that they address key criteria during their development of a DRR project proposal and implementation of the project. The appraisal reviews the project risk assessment report (if one has been submitted) and proposal against several DRR review components, making reference to DKH DRR Project Cycle Management (PCM) Tools. Deficiencies should be addressed through revising the project approach or by addressing identified gaps.
Proposal Appraisal Criteria
Each review component should be assessed using the criteria to establish whether each component has been covered sufficiently. If not, then comments or recommendations on actions to be taken are provided. The components for review are listed in the order by which they should be reviewed based upon the construction of project logic.