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3 DKH DRR & CCA Project Approaches Analysis

jeudi 2 août 2018, par webmaster

Project Approach Determination
Different options in terms of both DRR project approach and risk assessment methodology need to be considered during the initial PCM Programming and Identification Phases. If the intended DRR project approach is selected prior to conducting the risk assessment, the risk assessment methodology should be designed in order to focus on gathering the most relevant information and using the most suitable methods. For example, using an approach that ensures a suitable level of community participation. These guidelines outline a process for considering and selecting the most appropriate approach.
Determination of General DRR/CCA Project Approach and Partnership Working
An initial analysis of key factors (Figure 1 : flowchart) should be conducted to determine the most appropriate and feasible type(s) of DRR/CCA project approach :
• Technical :
A technical approach might include the application of specific technology or engineering approaches, or could be focused on establishing risk transfer services, an insurance scheme for example. These types of technical approach would be identified, designed and established by professionals but should still involve stakeholder consultation.
• Partner-led :
The local partner organisation leads and directs the DRR/CCA activities. For example by using their own staff to conduct awareness-raising sessions within the community.
• Community-led :
Communities are empowered and develop their capacities in order to manage, and potentially adapt to, the risks their communities face. For example by learning the skills in order to run their own community awareness-raising campaigns.