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Linking Preparedness, Response & Resilience in Emergency Context

lundi 4 juin 2018, par webmaster

This report evaluates the status of (I)NGO-government collaboration in emergency
contexts. Using qualitative data sourced through six country case studies and a
combination of semi-structured interviews and literature review, this report outlines
on a policy and practical level those practices that have hindered or facilitated
effective (I)NGO-government coordination. Specifically, it assesses relationships
between government and humanitarian actors during responses to the Kenyan
Food Crisis (2010/2011) ; IDP programming in Colombia ; Typhoon Haiyan in the
Philippines (2013) ; Cyclone Mora in Bangladesh (2017) ; the Haitian earthquake
(2010) ; and the refugee crisis in Greece. The case studies were selected according
to relevant macro-categories including :
• Type of disaster : socio-natural disaster, conflict ;
• Timeline of emergency : rapid onset, slow onset, protracted crisis ; and
• Regime Type : flawed democracy, hybrid regime, FCAS.