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Organisation Haïtienne de Marketing Social pour la Santé (OHMaSS)

20, Impasse Chanlatte, Péguy-Ville | Port-au-Prince, Haïti
+509 3701 9040

Haiti has been trying recover from political confrontations and climate hazards for many years, in particular after the disastrous effects of the earthquake in 2010 and more recently hurricane Matthew in 2016. PSI, through its local member OHMaSS (Organisation haïtienne de marketing social sur la Santé), focuses its interventions on serving the most vulnerable groups within the Haitian population by leveraging over 20 years of expertise in social marketing and program management in Haiti. Currently, OHMaSS has programs in HIV/TB, Malaria, Home Water Treatment, Family Planning, and Gender Based Violence.

OHMaSS focuses on applying Market Development Approaches to health programs, identifying the key players, key bottlenecks, roles and incentives, and addressing these challenges with market-driven approaches. Furthermore, OHMaSS has focused its current efforts towards leveraging technology innovations such as Cyber Education, app-driven Closed Loop Marketing systems, and mobile solutions, as well as embracing Human Centered Design approaches to deliver meaningful results to Sara (the name given to our archetype).