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Fédération Luthérienne Mondiale (FLM)

15, Route Ibo Lélé, Montagne noire, Pétion-Ville
2946-2030 / 2946-2443 /2946-2444

About the Lutheran World Federation Haiti/Caribbean program The Lutheran World Federation (LWF)/Haiti Caribbean program is part of the LWF Department for World Service (DWS), an internationally recognized humanitarian and development agency of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), a global communion of Christian churches in the Lutheran tradition from 78 countries all over the world representing nearly 66.7 million Christians. DWS is working with marginalized and disadvantaged communities in the areas of greatest vulnerability and endemic need. In these efforts, DWS cooperates within global networks that include ecumenical, governmental and non-governmental partners. The Haiti program is part of the network of field programs in 36 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin and Central America, Caribbean and Europe. It works in close collaboration with ACT (Action by Churches Together) to assist victims of natural and human made disasters to survive an immediate emergency. The second major emphasis of DWS, and central to its work, is the long-term commitment with communities to utilize holistic approaches for sustainable development. About the LWF Caribbean/Haïti Office… Registered in Haiti as an international NGO since 1996, LWF is prioritizing the most vulnerable sections of society, in order to restore their economic and political rights. One vision has guided the LWF strategy in Haiti : to provide adequate responses to the multiple dysfunctions observed within the State and as a consequence of its weakness, to reconstruct the State, assisted by all, on solid foundations. Two main issues categorizing the program are linked to the defense of economic, social and cultural rights and to the defense of civil and political rights : Strategic Alliances (economic/social/cultural) and Human Rights (civil/political). In the first, the 3 components are ;
1- Reinforcement of community-based organizations ;
2- Support in the creation of community enterprises ;
3- Establishment of partnership practices between the private and community sectors.
And in the second, 2 components :
1- Defense of the rights of Haitian migrants, and their descendents, in the DR ;
2- Defense of the right of Haitian citizens to obtain birth certificates and identity cards.

In Haiti LWF works mainly through local partners in the departments of Ouest, Grand Anse and South East.